About Us
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About Us

About Pacer Steel

Pacer Steel, Inc. is the premier reinforcing steel and post-tension cable installation Subcontractor in the Northwest steel placing industry. Since the company’s inception in January 2005, Pacer Steel has become the go-to installer for many General Contractors who recognize the quality and commitment to each project we are involved with. Pacer Steel has successfully completed many projects of all sizes and is currently working on multiple projects in various regions of Washington state and Alaska. The company is focused on providing General Contractors the highest level of quality and performance in the field and in project management.

From day one, our primary focus and business goal has never changed. We exist solely on the reputation we have earned through working smarter, looking ahead, encouraging and maintaining a safe working environment and safety culture, being proactive and working together with all Contractors as a team. By providing an unmatched level of expertise, customer service and foresight, we have successfully contracted with local leading General Contractors on many high-profile and challenging projects, with completion on time and under budget. This includes preconstruction services, value engineering of reinforcing steel design and working directly with the design teams and General Contractors long before the material arrives onsite. Our goal is not to be the biggest nor has it ever been focused on volume, our goal has always been to provide each customer with the highest level of satisfaction possible in the industry. As an independently-owned company existing in a very competitive market, our consistent volume and successful completion on projects of every size in Washington and Alaska are a result of this commitment.

With the combined knowledge and experience of the corporation’s owners, and the experience and foresight of the Project Superintendents, Pacer Steel has become a very competitive force in the steel placing industry. Commitment to high quality, efficiency and safe working practices will make Pacer Steel the leader in the area. Pacer Steel’s Controller, Ray Macky, the Company’s CPA, has experience in all accounting principles required to keep the company running smoothly. He has worked in the reinforcing steel industry for over 30 years and his experience and skills assist Pacer Steel in efficiently operating. Bridgette Brennan, our Office Manager, keeps the Pacer Steel engine running smooth with her unmatched ability to overcome all challenges and manages all payroll activities.

By self-managing our firm’s safety and promoting a clean, safe working environment, Management has provided Pacer Steel’s Ironworkers a complete service in their Accident Prevention Programs, including Site Specific Fall Protection Work Plans, training and documentation to assure compliance with the applicable OSHA, DOSH Safety and Health Codes. Within our industry, the scope of Reinforcing Steel and Post Tension cable installation is a high-risk activity that often leads to specialized training requirements and certification. All of Pacer Steel’s field employees are orientated by a Corporate Officer at the main office. This ensures attention by the worker to the material being discussed while affording a better product to the worker. All of our field employees are trained annually for Fall-Protection by a certified ANCI Certified Fall Protection trainer, with each worker having an in-depth review of their PPE and Fall Arrest equipment by the certified trainer, with any defective gear taken out of service and replaced with new PPE by the Company. Each employee is fitted with a harness and trained by Management on proper fitting and proper use. All Field Supervisors are kept current on annual trainings such as CPR/ First Aid with additional training Certified Forklift Operating, Rigging and Rigger’s Training and Signal Person Training required by DOSH and OSHA. By continually observing the workplace environment and practicing the company’s policies on Accident Prevention, Pacer Steel has consistently earned one of the best EMR ratings by Labor and Industries. This includes all local placers of reinforcing steel in the entire Northwest. This commitment allows our firm to work with specialty Contractors on projects such as Oil refineries, industrial Mills, Energy Facilities, and high-security access on Government projects and military installations, which would otherwise not be available.